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Who is Sia Lo?

Sia Lo is married with four children. He graduated from Johnson Senior High with top honors in 1985.  He further attended North Park University and graduated in 1989 with a double major in Medical Technology.  His ambition then led him to attend Hamline University Law School graduating in 1996.  After Law School, he worked for Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, U.S. Department of Labor and the City of St. Paul.  He is a former Deputy City Attorney head of the prosecution division.  He was later promoted to Senior Policy Adviser for the City of St. Paul and led the Mayor’s delegation to Thailand.  

Currently, he is in private practice and has his own law firm located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  His law practice focuses on serving the legal needs of the Hmong and American Community.   He is well known for his role as General Counsel for the Hmong Council of 18 clans and handles high profile Hmong cases. He was voted national chairman of the Lo & Pha families in the U.S and is currently a cultural mediator trainer with Mitchell Hamline University School Law and Minnesota Mediation Center.  He is also the currently interim director for the Hmong American National Chairman Association in the U.S.

He has served on many non-profit board of directors including the City of St. Paul Charitable Foundation, the Minneapolis Red Cross, Lao Family Foundation, the United Hmong Family, 180 Degrees and an ambassador for St. Patrick Church.





Sia Lo has served in the political sector for a number of years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout his career.


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Sia Lo is so appreciative that you would like to get involved. There are so many ways for you to help Sia push for change, and become part of making the community a better place. Whether you would like to volunteer your time or you are looking to make a monetary donation, Sia really appreciates all of your efforts.